Managing Thatch on Lawns

Several varieties of lawn grasses (such as zoysiagrass, bermudagrass, St. Augustine and centipedegrass) are vigorous growers and produce large quantities of stems, rhizomes, stolons and roots that are resistant to decay. That layer of dead, non-decayed organic matter that develops between the green grass and the soil surface is called thatch.

A shallow layer (1/2” or […]

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Is Your Lawn Sunny or Shady?

Most grasses need at least some sun to perform at their best, and several grasses — such as some varieties of warm-season grasses — require full sun (at least eight hours a day). So, before selecting a grass for your lawn, evaluate how much sunlight it receives during the day, especially during summer.

Heavily shaded lawns […]

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Your “Sleepy” Lawn Right Now

Much like some animals, most types of lawn grasses “hibernate” during winter, when their growth drastically slows during cold temperatures. Although cool-season grasses (tall fescue, bluegrass and ryegrass) remain green, most warm-season grasses (bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, St. Augustinegrass and centipedegrass) typically start to discolor and turn tan after average temperatures drop under about 50°F and particularly […]

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Non-Turf Lawns Can Backfire, As They Did in Los Angeles

A recent article published on illustrates the dangers of municipalities financially rewarding citizens who replace their lawn grass with an alternative surface, such as gravel. According to the article, the years-long drought in southern California spurred local water districts to offer a combined rebate of $3.75 per square foot for homeowners and businesses to […]

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Buy Sod to Acquire Thomas Bros. Grass in Tennessee

Buy Sod, Inc. announces the acquisition of Thomas Bros. Grass located in Nashville, TN. Charles Harris, president of Buy Sod, Inc., states, “Nashville is a growing market with good long-term population growth and a healthy housing market. We are also excited to bring our specialty products to the golf and athletic market. Our purchase of […]

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The Turf War — the Debate Over the Safety of Synthetic Turf Rages On

In yet another ominous report on concerns about crumb rubber in artificial turf, ESPN’s E60 series aired a 16-minute televised segment last fall. ESPN reporter Julie Foudy interviewed almost a dozen people involved with the issue, including three toxicologists, two soccer coaches who have first-hand experience with goalkeepers who have died from cancer, a current […]

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Buy Only Certified Sod!

Choosing certified sod is the only way you can be certain that the variety you receive is exactly what you paid for. All sod is required to have a tan state “Department of Agriculture” tag, which means only that the sod is free of fire ants. However, this tan tag does not qualify the sod […]

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Artificial Turf Melts Athletic Shoe in Texas

Last month, the MSN Sports website posted an article — and a rather alarming photo — of the melted underside of a shoe worn in practice by a high school football player in Texas. The team plays on synthetic turf, which can get much hotter than natural grass.

To read the article and see the photo, […]

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Take the Sting Out of Fire Ants

Yes, the mounds of red fire ants are unsightly eyesores in lawn and landscape settings, but more importantly, their inhabitants can be hazardous to anyone who happens to disturb their abode. One fire-ant sting may not be terribly painful, but fire ants tend to attack in large numbers and then sting in unison due to […]

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Want Bermudagrass Now? Overseeded Tifway 419 Is Available Today!

Many homeowners and lawncare professionals in our region love bermudagrass due to its drought, heat and pest tolerance, as well as its ability to withstand the wear and tear that can come from active children and pets. However, due to winterkill issues on golf courses and sports fields last year (and the consequent need […]

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